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We Need to expose the biggest enemy of humanity
--Satan, that is the Devil.--

Please make sure you understand that Satan is limited being, corrupt and perverted in every sense of the term. Satan is a master of deceit, a liar through and through. Satan is an "finite" being. The Devil is NOT omnipotent, NOT omnipresent and NOT omniscient. Satan is a murderer. He murdered those 2,000 babies at the time of Christ's birth, 2,000 little innocent children in an attempt to kill the Christ child. Mass murderers ARE SATAN POSSESSED. This is Satan's manifestation —TO KILL, STEAL and DESTROY (John 10:10). Satan reigns in the very organized kingdom of darkness, it subject to human surrender. Some humans give place to devil to reign through them on earth... Very important to know that Satan Lost the battle to Jesus at the Cross (Col 2:15), when he was stripped off all authorities and powers which Satan originally received from Adam's fall... Now Satan and his rulers have no power or authority over Saints of God... unless a person willingly gives his rights & authority back to Satan like Adam did... ALL EVIL comes from Satan/Devil... if you are ever having a bad day, anything going wrong in life at work, relationship in the family, you feel sick, sorrowful, hurt, depressed, lost, in pain, etc., it is all attacks of the kingdom of darkness...